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Fast shipping! The Art of the Fugue, BWV1080

The Art of the Fugue, BWV1080

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The Art of the Fugue, BWV1080 (BWV1080). Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Edited by Carl Czerny. For Solo keyboard. Masterworks; Piano Collection. Baroque; Masterwork. Advanced. Book. 96 pages. Published by Alfred Music (AP.6-457311).ISBN 9780486457311. Baroque; Masterwork.Uniquely complex in both form and structure, this masterpiece of counterpoint is regarded as a pinnacle of Western music. This solo keyboard edition was edited by Carl Czerny, a student of Beethoven and teacher of Liszt, who wrote hundreds of piano Žtudes that remain staples of modern piano training today.

Included Songs List

  1. Canone I (per augmentationem in motu contrario)
  2. Canone II (all'ottava)
  3. Canone III (alla decima)
  4. Canone IV (alla duodecima)
  5. Fuga I a 4 voci
  6. Fuga I per due Pianoforti
  7. Fuga II a 4 voci
  8. Fuga II per due Pianoforti (in altro modo)
  9. Fuga III a 4 voci
  10. Fuga IV a 4 voci
  11. Fuga IX a 4 voci
  12. Fuga V a 4 voci
  13. Fuga VI (in stile francese) a 4 voci
  14. Fuga VII a 4 voci
  15. Fuga VIII a 3 voci
  16. Fuga X a 4 voci
  17. Fuga XI a 4 voci
  18. Fuga XII (inversa)
  19. Fuga XII a 4 voci
  20. Fuga XIII (inversa)
  21. Fuga XIII a 4 voci
  22. Fuga XIV a 4 voci (Variante zu No. X)
  23. Fuga XV a tre soggetti ed a 4 voci

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