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ISBN 600313478086

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All-Night Vigil composed by Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff. Edited by Anthony Antolini. Arranged by Anthony Antolini. For alto voice and tenor voice soli with SATB choir divisi, a cappella. Easter, Choral. Full score. Published by E.C. Schirmer Publishing (EC.7808).This edition, often referred to as the "Vespers," features an easy-to-read and pronounce transliteration of the original Slavonic language. The text is also presented in the Cyrillic alphabet for those who wish to read it in the original orthography or those who are learning to read that alphabet. A third line of text features a singing translation in English, making it possible to perform the work in translation. The English text also serves to help the singer understand the meaning of the words being sung when the work is performed in Slavonic.. The edition also contains the Slavonic and English texts in a side-by-side translation format suitable for program preparation with attributions of the Biblical origins of the words. Appendices include a complete pronunciation guide to Slavonic, chants suitable for a soloist to introduce several of the movements, and the original church chants which Rachmaninoff employed in writing his setting of this important evening service of the Russian Orthodox Church. The preface includes information about the work and its historical relationship to events in Russia in 1915 when it was composed and first performed. Individual movements may be purchased separately:1. Come, ye people (7821)2. Bless thou the Lord (7822)3. Blest the man (7823)4. Gracious radiance (7824)5. Lord, now lettest Thou (7825)6. Virgin Mother (7826)7. Glory be to God (7827)8. Sing praises to the Lord (7828)9. Blessed art Thou, O most gracious Lord (7829)10. Having now beheld the resurrection of the Christ (7830)11. My soul doth magnify the Lord (7831)12. The Great Doxology (7832)13. Salvation has come (7833)14. Thou didst arise from the tomb (7834)15. O victorious leader (7835).


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