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Fast shipping! Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 3

Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 3

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Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 3 (Tenor). Composed by Various. Edited by Max Spicker. For Piano, Vocal. Vocal Collection. 192 pages. G. Schirmer #ED524. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50325800).ISBN 145842748X. 7.5x10.75 inches.J.S. Bach: Depart! enough! my treasure I retain..Ye foes of man, your might is shaken – Barnby: With overflowing heart, O Lord..The soft southern breeze plays around – Beethoven: Jehovah, hear, oh hear me!..Oh, my heart is sore within me – Benedict: A wondrous change my spirit doth surprise – Bennett: His salvation is nigh them that fear Him – Cowen: How excellent is thy loving-kindness – Foster: Your heavenly Father knoweth..Seek ye first the kingdom of God – Gaul: My soul is athirst for God • To the Lord our God belong mercies • Ascribe unto the Lord worship and power – Gounod: Father, thine arms about me throw! – Handel: Great Queen, be calm.. Gentle airs, melodious strains • From celestial seats descending • Deeper and deeper still..Waft her, angels, thro' the skies • My arms! against this Gorgias will I go..Sound an alarm! • Comfort ye, my people..Ev'ry valley shall be exalted • He that dwelleth in heaven..Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron • Jehovah! to my words give ear • Oh, loss of sight!..Total eclipse! no sun, no moon • My grief for this forbids mine eyes to close..Why does the God of Israel sleep? • Tyrannic Love! I feel thy cruel dart..Ye verdant hills, ye balmy vales – Haydn: And God created Man.. In native worth and honour clad • A Crystal pavement lies the lake..the trav'ler stands perplexed – Hiller: All my strength hath fled away..Yes, Thou wilt yet remember – Mendelssohn: Ye people, rend yourhearts..If with all your hearts ye truly seek me • Then shall the righteous shine forth • Sing ye praise, all ye redeemed..He counteth all your sorrows • Be thou faithful unto death – Mercadante: When to the lily fair – Molique: Pour out thy heart before the Lord – Parry: I will bear the indignation of God – Pugno: I Live! my heart is beating!..Thy name I praise, O God – Reinthaler: What! Miriam shall perish on the sacrificial altar?..Lovely and sweet as the rose in the vale – Spohr: O how familiar to mine ear..Remember, Lord, what Thou hast laid upon us – Stainer: King ever-glorious • My hope is in the Everlasting – Sullivan: Refrain thy voice from weeping • No chastening for the present seemeth joyous..Come, ye children, and hearken unto me – C.M. von Weber: Look how the fruitful land is smiling. Happy nation, still receiving.

Included Songs List

  1. 2 The Lord R God Belong Mercies
  2. A Wondrous Change My Spirit Doth
  3. Ascribe Unto The Lord Worship &
  4. Be Faithful Unto Death
  5. Come Ye Children,& Hearken 2 Me
  6. Every Valley (Messiah - Handel)
  7. Father,Thine Arms About Me Throw
  8. From Celestial Seats Descending
  9. Gentle Airs, Melodious Strains (Handel)
  10. Happy Nation,Still Receiving
  11. He counteth all your sorrows
  12. His Salvations Is Nigh Them That
  13. How Excellent Is Thy Lov-Kindnes
  14. I Will Bear The Indignation-God
  15. If With All Your Hearts (Elijah)
  16. In Native Worth And Honour Clad (Haydn-The Creation)
  17. Jehovah! To My Words Give Ear
  18. King Ever-Glorious (Stainer-The Crucifixion)
  19. Lovely & Sweet As The Rose-Vale
  20. My Hope Is In The Everlasting
  21. My Soul Is Athirst For God(Kiel)
  22. Oh,My Heart Is Sore Within Me
  23. Pour Out Thy Heart B4 The Lord
  24. Refrain Thy Voice From Weeping
  25. Remember,Lord,Wht Thou Hast Laid
  26. Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
  27. Soft Southern Breeze Plays Aroun
  28. Sound An Alarm!
  29. Then Shall The Righteous Shine
  30. Thou Shalt Break Thm W/A Rod (Handel)
  31. Thy Name I Praise, O God
  32. Total Eclipse! No Sun,No Moon
  33. Trav'ler Stands Perplex'd
  34. Waft Her,Angels,Thro' The Skies
  35. When To The Lily Fair
  36. Why Does The God Of Israel Sleep
  37. YE FOES OF MAN (Bach-Christmas Oratorio)
  38. Ye Verdant Hills,Ye Balmy Vales
  39. Yes,Thou Wilt Yet Remember

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