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Fast shipping! Bach's Keyboard Music - A Listener's Guide

Bach's Keyboard Music - A Listener's Guide

ISBN 1574671820

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Bach's Keyboard Music - A Listener's Guide (Unlocking the Masters Series). Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Unlocking the Masters. Softcover with CD. 200 pages. Published by Amadeus Press (HL.332830).ISBN 1574671820. 6x9 inches.Along with Beethoven's sonatas and the purely idiomatic works for piano of Chopin and Debussy, the solo keyboard music of Johann Sebastian Bach represents the heart of the pianist's repertory; in the more specialized field of music for the organ, Bach's primacy seems beyond challenge. This listener's guide to Bach's music for the keyboard provides the interested amateur with a close but non-technical look at these two crucial parts of the master's oeuvre. The composer's tendency to work exhaustively in tightly structured formats – such as the 48 preludes and fugues of The Well-Tempered Clavier – provides a natural framework for this study; but the power, beauty, high polish, and occasionally the sheer strangeness of Bach's imagination are carefully examined as well.About Unlocking the MastersIdeal for music lovers, beginners and beyond. Each book comes with a CD (or CDs) to enhance the reader's appreciation for the music and its composer. Unlocking the Masters defines and clarifies the "greatness" of the so-called great composers, examines the work and impact of individual composers, and deepens knowledge of composers for music lovers. Accompanying CDs creatively link the music and text.


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