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Bach's Sons

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Included Songs List

  1. Allegro in D Major
  2. Allegro in Eb major
  3. Allegro in G Major
  4. Gavotte (Sonate Op. 5. No. 6 in C minor)
  5. La Caroline in C major
  6. La Philippine in A major
  7. Menuet In D Major
  8. Minuet (Sonate Op. 5 No. 2 in D major)
  9. Polonaise in C Minor
  10. Rondo (Sonate in A major)
  11. Sarabande (Sonate in G major)
  12. Theme and Variations (Sonate Op. 5 No. 3 in G major)

Bach's Sons edited by Bernard Herrmann. For Piano. Piano Albums. Collection. Published by Hinrichsen Edition (PE.H00008).Bach, W.F.: Polonaise in C minor; Sarabande (Sonate in G major; Bach, C.P.E.: Allegro in G major; La Philippine in A major; Allegro in D major; La Caroline in C major; Allegro in Eb major; Bach, J.C.: Menuet in D major; Rondo (Sonate in A major); Bach, J.C.: Gavotte (Sonate Op.5.No.6 in C minor); Minuet (Sonate Op.5 No.2 in D major); Theme and Variations (Sonate Op.5 No.3 in G major)12 selected pieces.


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