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Horns of Elfland (for Tenor Recorder). Composed by Markus Zahnhausen. For Tenor Recorder. Originalmusik fur Blockflote (Recorder Library). 12 pages. Schott Music #OFB198. Published by Schott Music (HL.49011304).Markus Zahnhausen, b. 1965, is one of the leading recorder players of our time. In his works for recorder he combines traditional and modern sounds. The central theme of his works is a love of Nature. “The Horns of Elfland” (1999) is based upon a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892). The composer writes: “I have taken Tennyson's picture of the clear and tender notes of the horns of the imaginary, magical world of Elfland and attempted to translate it into music. The very essence of this work is its quietness. The central focus of the composition is the echo in its multiple aspects. This echo is often not an exact reproduction of the notes but a deliberate variation, analysis or reinterpretation of their original form.”.


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