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Fast shipping! Piano Pieces - Volume 2

Piano Pieces - Volume 2

ISBN 978-3-85055-625-5

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Included Songs List

  1. 4 Praeambula K 395
  2. 6 German Dances K 509
  3. Adagio B minor K 540
  4. Adagio for Glass Harmonica C major K 356
  5. Allegro (completed by Maximilian Stadler) B flat major K 400
  6. Allegro (completed by Robert D. Levin) B flat major K 400
  7. Allegro (completed by Robert D. Levin) G minor K 312
  8. Allegro (completed by an unknown hand) G minor K 312
  9. Allegro and Minuet KV498a
  10. Fantasy C minor K 396
  11. Fantasy D minor K 397 (385g)
  12. Fugue (organ version) G minor KV 401
  13. Fugue (piano version) G minor K 401 (375e)
  14. Fugue E flat major K 153
  15. Fugue G minor K 154
  16. Funeral March C minor K 453
  17. Gigue G major K 574
  18. March C major K 408/1
  19. Minuet with a Trio by Maximilian Stadler D major K 355
  20. Overture to "The Abduction from the Seraglio" K 384/1
  21. Praeambulum K deest
  22. Prelude and Fugue K 394
  23. Romance A flat major K Anh. 205
  24. Rondo (Ariette avec variations) D major K 382
  25. Rondo A minor K 511
  26. Rondo D major K 485
  27. Rondo F major K 494
  28. Rondo F major K 590b
  29. Rondo F major K 616
  30. Rondo G major K 423
  31. Suite (Sarabande completed by Robert D. Levin) K 399

Piano Pieces - Volume 2 (Later Works). Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Edited by Ulrich Leisinger. For piano. Classic. SMP Level 10 (Advanced). Full score. Standard notation. 240 pages. Published by Wiener Urtext/Vienna Urtext (PR.UT050230).ISBN 978-3-85055-625-5. With Standard notation. Classic.As early as the age of four, Mozart amazed his father with his quickness of mind at the keyboard. The first works are easy dance movements by the five-year-old who developed with extraordinary speed. During his lifetime, he wrote several piano pieces, apart from the sonatas and variations. The pieces from his youth, most of them written down in the music book for Maria Anna Mozart and in the so-called London sketch book, are mostly short dance movements, but already there are lengthy individual movements as well. From the mid-1770s, there are mainly larger individual works, including fantasias and rondos which can stand up as equals to the sonatas and variations of the Viennese period. Volume 2 contains the mature works from the later years of composition, including the popular fantasias and rondos as well as several drafts in sonata form completed by contemporaries of Mozart. In addition, the present edition contains solo piano versions of the Concert Rondo K 382, the rondo from the Duo for violin and viola K 423, as well as the overture of the 'Abduction from the Seraglio', as well as completion to K399 (Sarabande), K312 and K400 by Robert D. Levin.This title has selections that range in difficulty from SMP Level 7-10.About SMP Level 10 (Advanced)Very advanced level, very difficult note reading, frequent time signature changes, virtuosic level technical facility needed.


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