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  1. Andante mit funf Variationen G-Dur KV 501 (Wien, 4. November 1786)
  2. Fantasie (Original: Adagio und Allegro f-Moll KV 594 fur ein Orgelwerk in einer Uhr, Wien, Ende 1790)
  3. Fantasie (Original: Orgelstuck f-Moll KV 608 fur eine Uhr, Wien, 3. Marz 1791)
  4. Fuge (Original: Fuge [Fragment] g-Moll KV 401 (375e), vermutlich Salzburg, 1773)
  5. Sonate B-Dur KV 358 (186c) (Salzburg, Fruhjahr 1774)
  6. Sonate C-Dur KV 521 (Wien, 29. Mai 1787)
  7. Sonate D-Dur KV 381 (123a) (Salzburg, vermutlich Anfang 1772)
  8. Sonate F-Dur KV 497 (Wien, 1. August 1786)

Piano Works for Four Hands composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Edited by Ruthardt. For Piano 4-hands. Intermediate to Difficult. Sheet Music. Published by Edition Peters (PE.P00012).Contents: Sonata in D K381 (Salzburg, probably early 1772) - Sonata in Bb K358 (Salzburg, early 1774) - Sonata in F K497 (Vienna, August 1st 1786) - Sonata in C K521 (Vienna, May 29th 1787) - Fantasie (originally Adagio and Allegro in f K594 for mechanical organ/clockwork; Vienna, late 1790) - Fantasie (originally Organ Piece in f K608 for a clock; Vienna, March 3rd 1791) - Andante with five Variations in G K501 (Vienna, November 4th 1786) - Fugue (originally Fugue [fragment] in g K401 (375e), probably Salzburg 1773)Complete works for Piano Duet (two players at one piano) - printed in standard format.


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