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Fast shipping! Preludes Fugues Suites

Preludes Fugues Suites

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Preludes Fugues Suites composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). For piano (harpsichord). Sheet Music. Published by Edition Peters (PE.P00214).BWV818/a, 819/a, 901, 902/a, 951/a, 996, 998. Ed by Czerny, Griepenkerl, Roitzsch.

Included Songs List

  1. Fuge h-Moll BWV 951 -uber ein Thema von Tomaso Albinoni - fur Klavier-
  2. Fuge h-Moll BWV 951a -uber ein Thema von Tomaso Albinoni - fur Klavier- ([Variante zu BWV 951])
  3. Praludium G-Dur BWV 902/1 -fur Klavier-
  4. Praludium und Fughetta F-Dur BWV 901 -fur Klavier-
  5. Praludium und Fughetta G-Dur BWV 902/1a+2 -fur Klavier-
  6. Praludium, Fuge und Allegro Es-Dur BWV 998 -fur Klavier-
  7. Suite Es-Dur BWV 819/819a -fur Klavier-
  8. Suite a-Moll BWV 818 -fur Klavier- ([ÔéČltere Fassung])
  9. Suite a-Moll BWV 818a -fur Klavier- ([Jungere Fassung])
  10. Suite e-Moll BWV 996 -fur Klavier-

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