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Included Songs List

  1. "Ah, why, my heart, with such sorrow laden? from The Fair at Sorochintsy"
  2. "Brothers in arms, from A Life for the Tsar"
  3. "Calm now the angry sky, from The Tsar's Bride"
  4. "Cousin Masha makes me laugh, from The Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District"
  5. "Dark the oak-trees in the wildwood growing, from Sadko"
  6. "Farewell, farewell, O springtime all too fleeting, from Yevgeny Onegin"
  7. "Here all things remind me of days gone forever, from Rusalka"
  8. "How rich, how wondrous rich, from The Snow Maiden"
  9. "I love you, I love you, Olga, from Yevgeny Onegin"
  10. "In a distant land, from Ruslan and Lyudmila"
  11. "Once I could march towards my goal, frm The Queen of Spades"
  12. "Sleep, my love, from May Night"
  13. "Soft! A gentle zephyr goes, from Askold's Grave"
  14. "The glorious day is going, from The Snow Maiden"
  15. "Unnumbered diamonds, from Sadko"
  16. "Weep, my eyes, with bitter tears flowing, from Boris Godunov"
  17. "Where battle rages, and honor calls me, from Mazeppa"
  18. Ah! Hear my call! from Prince Igor
  19. Ah, where are you, where?
  20. Brothers, into the snow-storm
  21. Cheerful day is departing
  22. Countless are the diamonds
  23. Everything here reminds me of the past
  24. Flow, flow, bitter tears
  25. Full, full of wonders is mighty Nature
  26. I love you, I love you Olga
  27. In the bloody battle, on the field of honour
  28. Lo, a little breeze is blowing
  29. Oh, you dark little grove!
  30. Once I had a ladyfriend
  31. Sleep, my beauty
  32. The foul storm-cloud has swept past
  33. There is a deserted land
  34. What is our Life?
  35. What is our life? from The Queen of Spade
  36. Whither, whither, whither have you flown?
  37. Why then, my heart, are you sobbing and groaning?
  38. Yes! I can no longer tread

Russian Operatic Arias for Tenor 19th and 20th Century Repertoire edited by Fanning. For Tenor Voice, Piano. Voice & Piano Albums. Opera. Collection. Published by Edition Peters (PE.P07582).Vertovsky-Askold's Grave (Toropka) Soft! A gentle zephyr goes; Glinka-A life for the Tsar (Sobinin) Brothers in arms; Glinka-Ruslan and Lyudmila (Bayan) In a distant Land; Dargomyzhsky-Rusalka (Prince): Here all things remind me of days gone forever; Boro din-Prince Igor (Vladimir): Ah! Hear my call!; Mussorgsky-Boris Godunov (Holy Fool) Weep, my eyes, with bitter tears flowing; Mussorgsky-Sorochintsy Fair (Gritsko): Ag, why, my heart, with such sorrow laden?; Tchaikovsky-Eugene Onegin (Lensky): I love you , I love you, Olga & Farewell, farewell, o springtime all too fleeting; Tchaikovsky-Mazeppa (Andrey): Where battle rages, and honour calls me; Tchaikovsky-The Queen of Spades (German): Once I could march towards my goal & What is our life?;Rimsky-Korsakov -May Night (Levko): Sleep, My love; Rimsky-Korsakova-The Snow Maiden (Tsar Berendey): How rich, how wondrous rich & The glorious day is going;Rimsky-Korsakova-Sadko (Sadko): Dark the oak-trees in the wildwood growing!; (Indian Merchant): Unnumbered Diamo nds; Rimsky-Korsakov-The Tsar's Bride (Lykov): Calm now the angry sky; Shostakovich: The Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District (Shabby Peasant): Cousin Masha makes me laughThis landmark series opens up exciting vistas of challenging and rewarding repertoire for the discerning and adventurous singer. As with the Peters companion volumes of French Operatic Arias, this Russian series presents many of the justly celebrated arias, but also juxtaposes them with other less familiar gems, which undoutedly deserve wider recognition. Much of the selected repertoire is eminently suitable for audition purposes, so that each volume is a treasure trove for professional singers and students.


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