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Six Suites for Violoncello Solo (BWV 1007-1012). Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Arranged by David Starkweather. String ensemble. For cello. Grade 5. Solo part. Published by Latham Music Enterprises (LA.730476).This edition of the Bach Cello Suites is appealing to both the scholar and the performer. The genesis of this edition was the alignment of the relevant manuscripts for easy comparison and study using a line-by-line layout. It has resulted in the ultimate scholarly approach to the study of these manuscripts and has led to many discoveries concerning notes, trills, dots, dynamics, and rhythm. In the scordatura version of "Suite No. 5," pitch names are given above the notes for the re-tuned top string, clarifying confusing elements in the notation. Fingerings and bowings in this edition reflect those used on the DVD set of Starkweather's performance of the suites (item number 730150). Reference to the manuscript edition makes it possible to visually assess the ambiguity of many of the slurs and to reach one's own conclusions.


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