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Fast shipping! Stabat Mater (CD only - no sheet music)

Stabat Mater (CD only - no sheet music)

ISBN Rehearsal Arts, LLC

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Included Songs List

  1. Chorus StudySpots
  2. Performance Tracks
  3. Eja mater fons amoris
  4. Fac me vere (Tenor 1)
  5. Fac me vere (Tenor 2)
  6. Fac, ut ardeat cor meum
  7. Quando corpus morietur
  8. Tui nati vulnerati
  9. Virgo virginum praeclara
  10. tabat Mater dolorosa

Stabat Mater (CD only - no sheet music) composed by Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904). For Tenor voice. Choral learning aid. SingleParts with StudySpots. Classical; Choral. Novice to semi professional. Choral Practice CD. Duration 01:13:20. Published by Rehearsal Arts, LLC (RA.T-17).**PUBLISHER'S NOTE: No replication rights for SingleParts CDs can be granted - Please don't jeopardize this company.Learning aid for choral singers with professional teaching singer over full performance recording. 8 performance tempo tracks plus 1 pair of study tracks; 1st slowed, 2nd at performance tempo.


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