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Fast shipping! Stepping Stones, Early Childhood - Listening CD (Yr 1)

Stepping Stones, Early Childhood - Listening CD (Yr 1)


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Stepping Stones, Early Childhood - Listening CD (Yr 1) (An Ecumenical Children's Choir Curriculum). Composed by Ronald A. Nelson (1927-). Listening CD. Published by Chorister's Guild (LO.CGCD20).Stepping Stones: An Ecumenical Children's Choir Curriculum is designed to integrate sequential musical education into weekly choir rehearsals. Anthems are suggested for older level, but the curriculum is not anthem-based. Singing games, vocalises, fun learning songs, and music for worship are included. Choir directors improve teaching skills, become better musicians, and structure rehearsals for most effective use of time. STEPPING STONES has been field tested in over 100 churches representing a wide spectrum of denominations and worship traditions. It has been successfully used in both large and small churches, by teachers with minimal musical training as well as teachers with graduate degrees.


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