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ISBN 978-3-85055-631-6

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Included Songs List

  1. Allegro and Andante (Sonate) (completed by Robert D. Levin) K 357
  2. Andante with Variations K 501
  3. Fantasy for a musical clock F minor K 594
  4. Fantasy for a musical clock F minor K 608
  5. Sonata B flat major K 358
  6. Sonata C major K 19d
  7. Sonata C major K 521
  8. Sonata D major K 381
  9. Sonata F major K 497

Works for piano four Hands (Completions to the fragment Sonata K 357). Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Edited by Ulrich Leisinger. For piano, 4-hands. New Edition in score format. Classic. SMP Level 10 (Advanced). Full score. Standard notation. 286 pages. Published by Wiener Urtext/Vienna Urtext (PR.UT050219).ISBN 978-3-85055-631-6. With Standard notation. Classic.Mozart's works for piano duet form the first highlight of this genre which later is only achieved by Franz Schubert. The two early sonatas from the Salzburg period which are particularly suited for music teaching in secondary schools, are opposed to three effective compositions from his Viennese period. The present volume also contains the sonata KV 19d the authenticity of which is not confirmed, as well as two fragmentary movements dated from Mozart's last years of life, KV 357. Robert D. Levin has completed them true to style for practical use, taking the limitations of the keyboards of the Mozart pianos and the composer's personal style into account, unlike as in the first edition of ca. 1860. In the appendix, there are the two fantasias KV 594 and 608 originally composed for mechanical organ, adapted from the earliest arrangements for piano duet published a few years after Mozart's death. In this edition, the music text is published in the form of a score for the first time. This title has selections that range in difficulty from SMP Level 6-10.About SMP Level 10 (Advanced)Very advanced level, very difficult note reading, frequent time signature changes, virtuosic level technical facility needed.


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